I like art reduced to its essentials. The title of my website – form, colour and scale – comes directly from a quotation by the American modern abstract artist, Ellsworth Kelly (1923-). His compositions evoke the beauty of art in a way that sets me thinking for photography.

What appeals to a photographer about abstract art? How can paintings of red and blue colour blocks inspire the creation and production of photography?

The answer has to be emotion. Abstract art creates strong responses in the viewer. “My five year old son could have painted that!” you cry. But then others can be moved to tears by the same work, finding beauty in next to nothingness.

For me, abstraction creates simplicity, a discipline of form. You are forced to reduce your work to the base essentials - to decide what you can omit, more than what you should include (and most of my work is done before I press the shutter).

So photography for me is about the essentials, because so little can be so beautiful for me.

For more information about Ellsworth Kelly on Wikipedia, click here.